Settlement Co.

Press ReleaseJanuary 1st, 2016

Rob Theodosiou
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Settlement Co. is now open on King St. in Uptown Waterloo.

A new “Social House” opened December 8th and marks a new era of urban cafés in the Waterloo Region

Waterloo, ON - December 23rd, 2015

Grin and Grind Holdings, the same up and coming team that brought you Abe Erb, has created a new urban café; Settlement Co. Part café, part coffee roaster and part cocktail lounge, Settlement Co. is making its name as a “social house” featuring contemporary café cuisine at 23 King Street North, Uptown Waterloo. Throughout the space, Settlement Co. blends old-world, traditional craft with modern Scandinavian elements.

“Settlement Co. is all about investing in the specialties of other people. Artisans who are deeply skilled in their craft,” said Rob Theodosiou, president of Grin & Grind. “We have handpicked talented individuals to bring you the best coffee and hospitality experience.”

Settlement Co. features an on-site coffee roaster with four signature coffee blends: Philosopher, Neighbor, Convert and Charlatan, as well as rotating feature blends based on carefully selected green coffee beans.

“Our approach to coffee is one of passion,” said Nick Hollier, manager and roaster at Settlement Co. “All our roasting is in respect of the farmers who work year round to produce coffees that are enjoyed around the world.”

“Every coffee we brew has a unique flavour profile based on its origin,” said Ben Schabner, manager and roaster at Settlement Co. “It’s our aim to emphasize these characteristics by roasting each coffee individually, not to a predetermined roast depth.”


With this new social house experience comes a selection of new services including: an à la carte toast bar complete with locally sourced artisan breads and the “Coffice” which offers guests a bookable room available in two different configurations, hosting anywhere from 8-50 guests.

“The Coffice is a fully customizable space for our customers. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or planning something for family and friends, we will create a unique menu and adjust our amenities to suit your specific needs.”

Then there is Settlement Co’s inclusion of a new technology called Powermat. Powermat offers all patrons free wireless phone charging while they are enjoying the space.

“We’re excited to become the first business in Canada to offer customers Powermat Charging Spots,” said Theodosiou. “Rather than having to borrow a phone charger or find a wall outlet, our customers will now be able to power up their devices wirelessly simply by laying them on a table. It’s a big added value for our patrons, and we couldn’t be more pleased to be part of Powermat’s pilot program.”

About Settlement Co.

Settlement Co. is a fresh take on a café:

It’s a place to gather, to learn the news of the day and to discuss matters of mutual concern. Settlement Co. is innovative yet attainable. It’s about community above all else. It’s where you start your day, where you meet your Mom for lunch, and where you run into an old friend and where you have that important meeting.

Our specialty is fresh roasted, handpicked coffee because we believe it’s about taking the time to appreciate the simple things; cup of coffee, a fresh baked treat and good conversation.

Uptown Waterloo

23 King Street North,
Waterloo, ON N2J 2W6

519 954-6622


Mon - Fri
7:30am - 8pm

Sat & Sun
8am - 7pm

Downtown Kitchener

1 Victoria Street South,
Kitchener, ON N2G 1C2

226 971-0739


Mon - Fri
8am - 10pm

Sat & Sun
9am - 10pm


143 Northumberland Street,
Ayr, ON N0B 1E0

519 394-9444


9am - 10pm

Mon - Wed
9am - 9pm

9am - 10pm

Fri & Sat
9am - 10pm or later

Northfield Park

2220 University Avenue East,
Waterloo, ON N2K 0A8

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Mon - Wed
7:30am - 4:30pm

Thurs & Fri
7:30am - 5:30pm

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