Settlement Co.

Our Story

A Settlement is often defined as a “settling or establishment of a person or group of people, as a new region or even business.” – Whether a city, town or village, a settlement is a community.

It is a place where all the social material, organizations, cultural elements sustain themselves: A place where people gather, a place where people grow and hopefully a place where people prosper.

In 1816 portions of land bordering the Grand River were divided into several blocks which became Waterloo and Woolwich Townships, including three original Settlements — Berlin (re-named Kitchener in 1916), Waterloo and St. Jacobs — all connected by what was then known as The Great Road, now County Road #8, or more commonly King Street.

Settlement Co. is the Midpoint.

It’s a place to gather, to learn the news of the day and to discuss matters of mutual concern.

Settlement Co. is innovative, yet attainable. It’s about community above all else. It’s where you start your day, where you meet your Mom for lunch, where you run into an old friend and where you have that important meeting.

It’s about taking the time to appreciate the simple things; like a hand crafted cup of coffee and good conversation.

Our approach to coffee is one of passion.

Our hard work and dedication to roasting is in respect to the farmers who work year round to produce the coffees that are enjoyed around the world everyday.

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