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Dental Implants: When Are They Needed?

The most attractive part of your look is your smile. Teeth play an essential role in chewing food, pronouncing words easily, and making facial features clear, which are among the tasks that can be accomplished with a complete set of teeth.

However, missing teeth may alter the look of a person’s face. It could make them feel uncomfortable when they smile in public. The absence of teeth can negatively impact your general and oral health. Implants for dental purposes are fast becoming one of the most sought-after options for restoring the appearance of your smile while offering many other benefits to the patient’s overall health.

When should one consider dental implants?

Implants improve chewing, speaking, and dental health while improving your smile. Dental implants replace tooth roots with titanium or ceramic posts. The post is implanted in your jawbone before a crown or artificial tooth is inserted. Many choose this restorative dental procedure for numerous reasons. Implants might be the best choice for you for these reasons.

1. Broken or Missing Teeth

If a tooth disappears, its roots do not anchor the jawbone anymore. Loss of jawbone structure caused by tooth loss may alter what appears to be the shape of your face and mouth. If no action is taken to replace a tooth that is missing, the teeth on either side of the gap shift to fill it in, creating unnecessary strain on the remaining teeth and may crack the teeth.

A professional dentist may not be able to save a tooth that’s been severely broken or chipped. To prevent a gap from appearing in your smile, you might require having an extracted tooth and a dental implant placed.

Aside from tooth extractions, a San Jose root canal service can also be called for in case a severe infection develops in the teeth. 

2. Loose Dentures

The alternative to implants replacing teeth that are missing is to use dentures that can slip off from time to time. If teeth are missing for prolonged periods, the jawbone could shrink, and dentures could become loose, which can cause dental health problems.

As you age, your jaw structure and facial structure may change. If your dentures don’t fit, it could cause problems with eating or speaking, mouth inflammation, jaw shrinkage, and inflammation. Dental implants fix dental issues, including dentures falling out at inconvenient times. Because implants are constructed to last, cosmetic concerns related to aging of the face, diminish with time.

3. Infected Tooth

When a tooth becomes infected, it can be highly distressing. It is common for an infection to get to the root, where it could cause harm to the gums and the bone that supports the tooth.

In most cases, your periodontist will be looking to save the natural tooth instead of replacing it. However, there are cases when the tooth that is affected must be removed. In a wisdom teeth removal, the socket it occupied in the jawbone is left empty. This allows you to replace it with an implant.

4. Trouble Eating

It can be frustrating to discover that eating your favorite foods after losing teeth is more difficult. Having lost teeth on one side of the mouth can cause many people to limit their chewing on that side of the mouth. Implants in dentistry can fill in the gaps left by missing teeth and allow you to eat a balanced diet and enjoy your favorite foods for the first time.

5. Aesthetics

People tend to feel worried about their smiles when missing teeth, have unnaturally swollen faces, or are not content with the set of teeth they currently have. If you wear dentures, you could have a different sense of self-confidence than you had before. Dental implants done in any dental implant clinic in San Jose are designed to help you regain your smile and give you the confidence to flaunt your smile when you go out in public.

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