Don’t Want to Hear the Rain Pouring Down? Listen to These Great Songs

Rain seems to separate people into two camps: those that adore it and those who detest it. Rainfall can be uplifting and uplifting for some people, while it can likewise be gloomy and depressing for others. The point is that whether you take pleasure in rain or despise it, listening to fantastic songs might help you raise your spirits and make the most of a gloomy day.

Awesome Songs to Listen to When It’s Raining

Rainy days have a special allure to them, whether to stimulate memories of days gone by or provide a burst of comfort. Rainy days, undeniably, bring with them various moods. Such days typically require the compilation of a fresh playlist, and below are the ideal songs to jam to.

“World$tar Money” by Joji

Joji started his profession as a comedian and rose to YouTube with Filthy Frank’s persona. Nonetheless, he said in late 2017 that he would give up making humor because of mental health problems ever since he has focused on making songs.

On the surface, this ukulele-driven track might seem a familiar love song, but the lyrics expose that Joji is questioning his mental stability. He does an excellent job of transforming a depressing song into something harmonious and pleasurable. This music relaxes certain individuals, specifically when the weather condition is gloomy. 

You can be comfortable while listening to some fantastic music during the rainy season. However, make sure to inspect your property since water can gather in your house. If that happens, you can call a restoration firm to assist you. Hit the web and search for “restoration contractors near me” to find one in your area.

“Suitcase” by Jacob Lee

Do you have someone fantastic in your life for whom you’re working hard, and you’re driving in the rain thinking about them? Then there’s this song, which is excellent for pairs driving in the rain and thinking of someone they care about. Some individuals enjoy listening to “Suitcase” in the rain; nonetheless, if the song seems slow, a nightcore style makes the music extra rock-oriented.

Although some people want the nightcore type, the lyrics have the most effect when heard in the rain.

“Run With Me” by Sunwoo Jung-A

Sunwoo Jung-A’s exquisite voice tones radiate specifically vibrantly in “Run With Me” in the realm of kpop. When you want emotional support, this song resembles a friend who will be there for you every action of the way to help you get your life back on the right track.

The song starts with a fragile whisper, grows into a full belting, and ends with the passing away whisperings, “Let’s go with me right now/ Let’s run away.”

“Drop Pop Candy” (English Cover) by Kuraiinu + JubyPhonic

JubyPhonic and Kuraiinu team up with forces in this duet to take us on a date in the rain. In times of depression, you can constantly trust upbeat and happy songs to lift your spirits. Drop pop candy’s pair isn’t afraid to go out in bad weather if it means they can hang out together.

They utilize the rain to draw closer to each other. You can not help but wish to jump into the next puddle you see when the stunning lyrics are combined with JubyPhonic and Kuraiinu’s voices. As you jam to drop pop candy, do not fail to remember to look over your home. A heavy rainstorm can accumulate a large volume of water that can damage your home. Click here to learn more.


Turn up the volume and discover a new world of musical enlightenment rather than letting the rain get you down. When you do not want the vibe of the rain, don’t forget to listen to this music collection. You’ll be caught looking out the window and listening to the rain if you do not.

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