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Drink Tea and Get Healthy!

Many health benefits can be found in drinking tea. Here are some benefits to drinking a cup of tea a day. These teas can be healthy for you.

Tea can be enjoyed hot or iced, regardless of the season.

Tea benefits go well beyond the mere enjoyment of a cup. Many studies show that tea has many health benefits.

The association was influential for regular tea drinkers who consume the beverage at least once a week. Black tea had a weaker effect than green tea.

According to the study authors’ findings, a 50year-old who regularly drinks tea might have heart disease a year later than someone who doesn’t drink tea or live a longer life expectancy.

1. Antioxidants are present in tea.
Antioxidants protect our bodies from the effects of rust by protecting us from pollution. You can get more antioxidants from white tea than you would with green or black tea.

2. There is less caffeine in tea than coffee.
Herbal blends don’t contain caffeine, while traditional teas typically have around half the amount of caffeine as coffee. According to Leslie Bonci, nutritionist, owner of Active Eating Advice, this means you can drink it without having any adverse effects on your nervous system. Teeccino, a chicory roots tea with a taste and texture similar to coffee, is an alternative to drinking coffee. Chicory root may help lower stress levels and be prebiotic.

3. Tea may help reduce your chance of a heart attack or stroke
Anna Ardine (clinical nutrition manager, Magee-Women’s hospital of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) stated that there is a lot of literature on tea and heart health. “This is a health benefit for which there is the strongest evidence.”

A 2016 study combined data from many earlier reports to show a near 20% reduction in heart attack risk and a 35% decreased risk of stroke for those who drink one to three cups per day of green tea. Green tea drinkers who consumed four or more cups per day saw a 32% drop in their risk of heart attacks and lower LDL cholesterol levels. Although four cups of green tea might make you want to go to the bathroom more often, you can still get the same benefits from one cup of matcha. This is made of ground green tea leaves.

4. Tea could aid with weight loss
Ardine indicated that there isn’t much evidence to support this claim. However, she added that studies showing an effect on the subject had been based on large quantities of tea, most often in pill form.

5. Tea may help protect your bones
Recent animal studies suggest that green tea may prevent bone fractures. Moringa, a South Asia native plant, is rapidly becoming a mainstream superfood. Moringa is rich in calcium, more than milk, iron, vitamin A, and K. It’s an excellent way for bones to stay strong.

6. Tea may brighten your smile
Ardine claimed that Japanese researchers have shown that tea can help reduce tooth loss. “It alters your mouth’s pH and may help to prevent cavities,” Bonci added that tea, unlike other beverages, does not appear as if it can erode tooth enamel.

7. Tee can boost your immune system
Research has shown that tea can boost immunity and help cells reach their targets more quickly. Ayurvedic healers have been drinking holy basil or tulsi tea for centuries to maintain a robust immune system after injuries or illnesses.

8. Tea may help battle cancer
Bonci states that the current state of research on this issue is mixed. In the meantime, she said, “If you have a strong family history with cancer, and you want to make every effort possible, you might consider increasing your tea consumption.”

9. Herbal teas may help soothe your digestive system
Bonci noted that herbal teas and chamomile are perfect for those suffering from IBS. Ginger teas can calm nausea,” Bonci explained.

10. Tea is unadulterated and is calorie-free
Bonci stated that it is a great, low-calorie replacement for water. “It offers many flavors and versatility. You can make it hot or cool. You don’t have any ingredients, but it might be worth adding a cinnamon stick or ginger. This means you can hydrate with something else than water.

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