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Four Primary Types of Damage Restoration Services

Disasters like fires, bursting water heaters or pipes, tropical storms, and others can happen anytime. Even with early warnings, you can only partially prepare for the extent of damage that these kinds of disasters can produce. If you have experienced damage from such a disaster, the next step is to find a reputable restoration service company.

Various Types of Restoration Services

However, restoration services can also be nerve-wracking. The four primary damage restoration services are water, fire, mold removal, and crime scene cleanup. Below, we will go over these four categories of damage restoration services and what they entail. You can see this page to understand and request professional help.

Water Damage Restoration 

If the dry-out is not handled correctly, water damage removal and cleanup can be completed quickly and for a reasonable price compared to the cost of mold removal. Repairs are frequently made to carpet, baseboards, and occasionally drywall. Sump pump failure or toilet overflow due to a backup are frequent causes of basement water damage, and at this point, sewage or contamination is typically a problem.

Most of the time, drywall can be dried out and saved unless there is sewage water damage or, in some cases, damage to the ceiling. A reputable water damage company like PuroClean of Tuscaloosa will evaluate the damage and inform the client of the necessary actions. Whether it is residential or commercial water damage, they can restore your property to pre-loss condition more quickly than any other water damage restoration company.

By pumping out the water, they can help with flood damage and stop mold from growing from water damage. Except for your deductible, water damage cleanup can be charged directly to your insurance provider.

Mold Remediation

Mold removal, remediation, and cleanup can be costly and time-consuming. Companies that perform mold remediation work must be licensed to do so. Companies that are certified to remove mold offer professional services at competitive prices. Inadequate water damage cleanup is frequently to blame for water damage mold. Mold and mildew are sometimes used interchangeably by some people.

You can find black mold, which is the most dangerous mold, on drywall, carpet, ceilings, and other surfaces. They can help in getting rid of mold in all these places. They use special cleaning methods for mold. There are many places where mold can be found, including the walls, attic, bathroom, and basement.

In all of these places, they can help with mold cleanup. To find out what kinds and quantities of mold are present in your home or business, they can call in a hygienist to perform mold testing. Mold growth cannot be halted by bleach. If you have a mold problem, get in touch with a restoration company right away to have the mold removed. They can conduct a visual mold inspection and advise you on the subsequent mold remediation and repair steps.

Fire Damage Restoration

Restoration work after a fire takes time and, if done incorrectly, can leave behind residue and an odor. We advise using a licensed fire damage restoration company for this. Most businesses that deal with this are water and fire damage restoration firms.

Whether it is smoke damage, soot damage, grease fire, puff back, or any other type of fire or smoke damage cleanup, fire and smoke damage can be terrifying. The experts will quickly and effectively remove all smoke damage and repair all fire damage for you using the proper methods and skills.

Crime Scenes and Biohazards Cleanup

Companies that clean up crime scenes and biohazards and restore them do so discretely and with compassion. You will be in good hands regarding trauma crime scene cleanup, biohazard removal, and other related cleanups. Take care of urgent cleaning needs, including biohazard cleanup, crime and accident scenes, trauma scenes, and death scenes.

They are the cleaning specialists skilled at maintaining crime or trauma scenes following a homicide or suicide. They will clean and deodorize the area and remove anything that needs to be removed. The technicians have received the proper training to handle your delicate situation.


Despite the abundance of home remedies and do-it-yourself treatments available online, you should seek out experts certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Professionals trained in remediation services can thoroughly assess and treat the contamination on the spot.

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