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How to Stay Safe, Calm, and in Control After a House Fire

A house fire is a terrible occurrence. To see the things you invested time and money on, where memories were made, ravaged by a fire, is a highly emotional experience. A lot will seem to occur throughout and after the fire; it will be challenging to arrange affairs and hard to know what to do next.

Steps to Take After a Fire

Here is a checklist that can be considered by someone or a family clueless about what to do after a tragic event. Following these actions can be difficult, but it is much better to be thorough in circumstances like these. This can make it possible for a time of peaceful recovery for all impacted.

Wait for the Fire Department to Permit Entry

The firefighters dealing with the site need to ensure that no amount of flame or burning embers is left. Aside from this, they must inspect if smoke and hot gases are expelling from the fire’s remnants. Before property owners can go back to recover valuables, the fire department should grant the go signal to guarantee safety.

If possible, take pictures of the structural damage and whatever is left. This way, you can have references when talking with the insurance and restoration companies. Look here for more information  regarding the aftermath of a fire.

Collect Valuables and Documents

When allowed to enter the premises, retrieve whatever valuables, such as heirlooms and important documents, are salvageable. 

Contact Family and Friends

Let them know you are alright. It is likewise time to make plans for accommodations, especially if there are kids. If pets are present, comfort them and make arrangements for temporary housing. This might be for a substantial amount of time, depending on how long property restoration takes.

Call Utility Providers

Usually, the fire department will make a call to the providers to request disconnection as a safety precaution. If possible, try not to forget to follow up on this to be on the same page with them when it is time to request reconnection.

Inform Your Insurance Provider

Call your agent or broker to assist you in beginning claim procedures. Make sure that they keep you updated. Also, remind yourself to get a complete report to assist you further. This will come from the fire department and show the occurrence’s specifics. You may search online for “fire damage restoration Dallas” to look for your insurance company’s preferred providers. This can make claims easier to process.

Seek Help from Remediation Specialists

Fire damage remediation is a procedure that has three parts– cleaning after the fire, removing the water damage, and rebuilding. You may check online for specialists’ procedures, like on PuroClean’s website, for more details. The remediation company will be able to find all areas that need to be handled methodically. Their strategic approach and thorough work will ensure that more damage will not happen.

These specialists will also notify the property owner about every action they make. They can suggest disposing of or saving what was left from the fire.

Call the Community Concerned

For security reasons, you may call the police department to notify them that the house will be vacant. Notify schools if necessary to give time for kids to recover. Inform the post office if necessary to hold mail temporarily. If employed, inform your company since you may need to take some days off while you sort things out.

Get Therapy

Some fires can impact the mental and emotional state of some people. Each person will be impacted differently, so find time for therapy if necessary.

The Bottomline

Such experiences can affect everybody in a different way. Nevertheless, the first thing to do is gather yourself and keep calm. Do whatever you can to sort things out, one step at a time. Enable professionals to help you at this time to make it less stressful for you. If you do this slowly but surely, you will be able to do all the things needed to move forward from this tragedy.

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