Rainy Season: Why Do You Feel So Tired When the Rain Is Pouring Down

Do you become tired when it rains? There is a high chance that you were not the only individual that seemed like this. Many individuals claim that the sound of rainfall on the home window puts them to sleep. Individuals often utilize rain sound recordings to help them fall asleep at night. What leads to rain having such an effect on individuals?

Reasons Why People Feel Sleepy on a Rainy Day

People claim to sleep much better when it rains, and everyone believes them. The day’s mood is simply stressful and gloomy on a dark or rainy day. There seems little scientific evidence associating stormy skies with weary eyes, yet there’s no question that rain causes sleep anecdotally. It’s only natural.

The High Humidity

A rainy day’s humidity also has a purpose. When it rains, the air has a hefty feeling to it. Therefore, preserving homeostasis requires a lot more effort for the organism. This can be tiring, prompting many people to seek a couple of additional minutes of sleep. Since you understand why the rain makes you weary, you might be asking how to counteract this effect.

The solution is basic: remain active. Whether physically or mentally, staying active will help you avoid boredom, keep your mind occupied, and enhance serotonin levels. Also, obtain some light, ideally natural light. Melatonin levels will be influenced. 

It is good to sit back and relax on a rainy day, but you should remember to inspect your property while doing so. Persistent rain might cause water damage to your premises. Professional damage restoration companies can help if something like this happens to you. Here’s where you can learn more about Puroclean.

The Pink Noise

Because of its recurring and tranquil sound, rain can be an excellent lullaby for people attempting to sleep. Rainy days generate “pink noise,” similar to white background noise but contain all of the frequencies that humans can hear at reduced intensities at higher frequencies. According to some studies, the sound of rain boosts the mind to relax immediately, causing it to drop off to sleep. 

As you vibe the pink noise in your surroundings, bear in mind that your house is vulnerable to water damage. If you see several damages to your property, do not hesitate to seek help from restoration firms. You can pay a visit on this page for more info.

The Lack of Light

Another reason you may be sleeping is that there isn’t adequate light in the room. Because of the Sun’s ultraviolet rays, the body creates much less melatonin (a sleep-related hormone) and much more serotonin (” happiness” hormone). People get more watchful and pleasant as a result of this. On a rainy day, the absence of light could have the opposite impact, making people feel tired or blue.

According to research, people are 9 percent more irritable on rainy days than vivid days. This is typical since rainy days have less UV light.

The Smell

Yes, even the smell of rain can help you unwind. Plants secrete oils while it’s completely dry, which combine with a material called geosmin in the soil throughout rainfall to generate a “musky” smell, equivalent to gardening. If you watch a thunderstorm, lightning can connect with the air to create ozone, a chlorine or bleach-like odor.

These scents are frequently relaxing in their earthiness, lulling you better right into one of the most natural human states: sleep. Moreover, keep in mind that the musky scent you are smelling is comparable to mold infestation in your house. If you see the signs of mold infestation in your home, book an appointment with restoration firms like PuroClean of Bloomington to safely get rid of the hazardous mold.


The difficulties of getting up, the rejuvenating, earthy scents, and the tranquility of rain touching home windows are enough to make any individual wish to stay in bed throughout the day. However, none of this data supports doing so; however, it does discuss why you might be feeling inactive on these rainy days.

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