What Role Do Medical Exams Play in the Canadian Visa Process?

Some individuals who wish to go to Canada as workers, students, or tourists temporarily must go through medical examinations per Canadian immigration laws. People who want to become permanent citizens of Canada must also complete a medical exam done by a government-approved medical practitioner. Additionally, if you are going to become a permanent resident of Canada, you need to pass a medical examination before your application can be completed and approved.

Why do you need a medical exam to get a Canadian visa?

Not meeting specific medical standards can make you medically ineligible to enter Canada. A person who is a potential danger to the community’s health has severe infectious illnesses that the Canadian government considers hazardous. The immigration medical exam also determines whether you have a medical problem that would impose an undue burden on the Canadian healthcare or social assistance systems. In other words, a medical checkup is necessary for all visitors, students, and workers entering Canada.

Who can examine you?

Physicians, doctors, and medical professionals appointed by the Canadian government can provide medical examinations. In most countries, they are called panel doctors. Across many nations, different panel doctors are authorized to conduct medical exams and diagnoses. If they aren’t on this list of panel physicians, they can’t do a medical exam for Canadian immigration. 

An immigration official will turn down the medical reports. As a result, you should avoid consulting with any physician that is not on the list of the Canadian government. If you want to work in Canada, you will need a medical exam panel physician Ottawa to provide a medical examination for your admission into the country.

Temporary Resident Medical Exam

If you are considering working in Canada, you’ll need a medical examination. It seems evident that everyone who will work in the health services or health sciences industry is required to go through a medical checkup regardless of their employment status. Moreover, those applying under the Parent and Grandparents’ Super Visa Program have to undergo a medical exam despite their place of origin. 

The parents and grandparents are the main target audience for this particular program. To learn more about temporary resident medical examinations, you can consult with a panel physician or visit their site online to schedule an appointment.

Exemptions from Medical Exams

Unless you are qualified for one of the exemptions, all temporary residents, students, and tourists should obtain a medical exam. Those traveling to Canada for less than six months do not need an exam, regardless of their origin. Another exception is for those who are visiting Canada temporarily rather than permanently. Information about exceptions is readily available on the government website.

Medical Exam Alternatives

An upfront medical is one alternative. This is where you go to have your medical before you submit your application. The doctor then sends the medical report to Canadian immigration officials. If you can’t get an urgent medical exam, you may wait until you’ve submitted your application. 

The immigration authorities will have to provide you with a letter explaining the reason for the medical exam. The Canadian immigration officers will send you a medical report form if you do not undertake an upfront medical. After you submit your application, you must bring that form with you.


Canada invites skilled experts who are young and physically healthy and can contribute to the country’s economic development to apply for a permanent residency visa. Whether they are international students pursuing higher education or skilled foreign workers, every immigrant must submit to medical examinations. Immigration to Canada depends on your ability to demonstrate that you are in excellent health under common law. Hence, it is important to remember the points mentioned above prior to filing for an application.

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